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Stevia Herb is a highly effective anti bacterial and therefore is an excellent ingredient for Dental care products. When used in mouthwash and tooth paste, it is observed that dental decay and bleeding gums are cured over a certain period of time. This is primarily due to Stevia's characteristics to eliminate conditions that are conducive for breeding germs and bacteria.

Over the time, we humans have been accustomed to 'sweet taste' in our tooth paste. Using Stevia can be multi advantageous since it can provide both sweetness as well as good health to our teeth and gums. Moreover being a 'zero calorie' herbal sweetener, it will not add the extra calories like our conventional toothpastes and mouthwashes.

Unrefined Stevia powder (dried green stevia leaf powder) has the capability of killing bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum diseases. These two are the most common problems faced by diabetic patients. Using stevia as an ingredient in dental products for diabetics can serve a dual benefit since stevia extract is said to be beneficial for diabetics.

Stevia Dental Care