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                                                               Stevia for Hair Care

Stevia Plant's extract are enriched with numerous nutrients that are highly beneficial for Hair Care. Therefore stevia can well incorporated in daily hair care practices. PureSati 'Everyday Damage Control Shampoo' is one of its kind which is made using Stevia extract as one of the main active ingredients in it. One can notice improvement in the texture of the hair and also the skin of the scalp after using Stevia based hair care products. The anti microbial characteristic of Stevia extract makes it a perfect ingredient which helps in reducing, eliminating and preventing dandruff. Being also anti bacterial, it especially benefits in preventing further skin allergies, ailments and dandruff in the hair.

Stevia is also said to provide Luster to your hair. It is beneficial for people having dandruff, dry scalp, dull – dry and thin hair problems. It has been noticed that with regular use of stevia based hair care products, one experiences stronger, dandruff free and rejuvenated hair.

As a home remedy, simply mix few drops of Stevia concentrate into your regular shampoo and wash as normal. Stevia extract could also be used as a hair conditioner by applying the concentrate on the hair after shampoo and then rinsing it out after 5 minutes.

In certain experiments when stevia was added to natural soap resulted in slowing the hair graying process and helped retain natural color of the hair, eliminating dandruff and various scalp problems and improved the health and luster of the hair.

Stevia Haircare