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                                                  Stevia Benefits as a Sweetener

Stevia plant has very sweet tasting leaves. This sweetener (Steviol Glycosides) when extracted can be utilized for sweetening variety of foods, beverages, confectionaries and pharmaceutical products. The word 'STEVIA' is the short common name for Steviol Glycosides.

Most importantly, it should be made very clear that stevia sweetener is a 'Sugar Replacement Solution' and not just a mere 'Substitute' of sugar or any other sweetener.

Difference between replacement and substitute? Well, replacement is what makes Stevia the Star! Which means anyone and everyone can consume Stevia sweetener with the advantage and benefits of not loading their body with the extra baggage of large amount of calories which otherwise comes free and compulsory with Sugar! On the contrary, stevia sweetener benefits in calorie control health programs.

Sugar substitutes (such as aspartame, sucralose, saccharin, etc) are all chemically and artificially synthesized compounds and therefore come with loads of side effects that harm our body in the long run. Stevia on the other hand, does not come with any side effects. In other words "you don't have to pay a price in terms of other health problems, which is the case with sugar or any artificial sweeteners".

All this sound great and highly ideal! And there are no drawbacks?? There are minor [yes, minor compared to the goodies :)]. Stevia does not behave absolutely like sugar when handled in foods or cooking. The main difference is its highly concentric nature. 98% pure stevia sweetener compares to 1:300 ratio to sugar. Which means 1KG of it is equivalent to 300KG of sugar. So now, how much to add in a cup of tea?? This is what is to be ascertained. There is being various developments with regards to adding 'volume' to stevia so as to make it comparable to using sugar. Another drawback is, stevia sweetener does not caramelize and therefore has limitations in certain food preparations. GreenRev Agro Pvt Ltd is one of the pioneers in India to have done extensive investments and taken efforts in the fields of propagation, development and usage of Stevia Sweetener.

Stevia taste is 'close to' sugar and not SAME. One has to adapt to the taste of stevia sweetness but it is anyway better and easier than to adapt to health hazards & diseases such as blood sugar, high cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, etc that are caused by sugar consumption. The choice should be fairly simple to make between the options mentioned above.

Stevia is the most favorite with Health Drink and Low Calorie beverage Industry. As per certain WHO mandates, it is mandatory for all soft drinks and beverages to reduce calorie content within a stipulated time period. This however, seems to be so far ONLY possible with help of Stevia sweetener. the world has so far seen few 100s of stevia sweetened products ranging from chewing gums, chocolates, beverages, cakes, health bars & snacks, beauty skin care products, table top sweetener tablets & powders, so on…

In short, Stevia is the way to go..!

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